13 Amazing health benefits of figs

Fig is a delicious and health-enhancing fruit. By making it dry, we use it as nuts. The fruit of fig is not always available, but dry figs are always available. Digestion is true from figs, colds, coughs, asthma, diabetes etc, the problem is eliminated from figs.

Apart from this, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, manganese, fiber, phosphorus, iron, chlorine, sodium, potassium and gum are also found. It is considered to be very good for health, and it contain more than 28% of fibers, which control high gulcose and high cholesterol levels, this also leads to weight control. The darker the color of fig is as beneficial as it is.

Health benefits of figs

      Here, advantages of figs

1. Strengthen digestive system 

Due to fiber in figs, it is good for stomach. 3 fig pieces contain 5 gm fiber. Which is 20% of our daily requirement. It also remove all the problems related to digestion.

2. Reduce weight 

Due to high fiber, calories in dried figs are very low. By eating 1 fig, you get 47 calories, which is 0.2 gm fat. So dry fig is very good for those who want to reduce their weight. It is also good in taste which you can easily eat this.

3. Hypertension Control 

By taking more salt, increase the amount of sodium in the body, causing the amount of sodium-potassium in the body to be disturbed and the result of adverse hypertension Is there. It remove all these troubles, the amount of everything in the body is corrected. 1 dry fig provides 129gm of potassium and only 2gm sodium, thereby eliminating the problem of hypertension.

4. Safety for heart 

Dry figs contain more antioxidant levels, which removes the toxic substances in the blood, causing a heart to be protected. It's completely use to protect from the heart problems.

5. strengthen the bones 

 According to the daily requirement of calcium in the body, it completes 3% of our daily requirements. By using Fig it's help to strengthen the bones.

6. Good for diabetics

It's good source of fibers for diabetics. It also contains a little sweetness, which reduces the intense desire of your sweet food. Take the advice of your doctor to take out the amount of figs.

7. Take away the anemia 

Due to having calcium and iron in figs, it is mixed with milk, to reduces the disease of anemia,

8. Reduce the pain of the throat 

 In today's sore throat pain due to winter, you stop taking medicines, for this you should eat dry figs or eat it with milk. From this it will help to get relief.

9. Asthma

Asthma patients should eat fig and leaves of it. It contains potassium which gives benefits, if you take insulin, then it will keep you away from it.

10. Remove the infection

Winter transit infection can be removed with the help of fig. Boil 3-4 pieces of figs in water, after being filtered, take lukewarm water, drink it in the morning and evening will help cold to get relief very soon.

11. Get strengthen

people who go to the gym or work harder, they are given the instructions to eat nuts. Nuts are specially used to eat figs, it gives all the nutrients to the body,

12. Remove the problems of hemorrhoids 

Eat empty stomach figs in the morning with lukewarm water to get rid of this disease.

13. Reduce waist and headache pain 

Eating figs help to reduced pain in the body. Applying the fig leaf lap in the head removes headache.

A lot of sweets and ice cream are also made from figs, this is very Famous dry fruits in Indians. But like the rest of the dryfruit, figs also get a little expensive, which everybody can not afford. For those who can take it, I have told them these benefits today. You can take a lot of health benefits by including it in your diet.