Rose Water: Hair Care, Skin Care, Eye Care

It is considered a symbol of beauty in the world. Many beauty products have used rose oil and rose water. Gulab water is the result of rose oil. It is often used daily in every Indian house. The beauty properties of rose water are given below.

Rose Water: Hair Care, Skin Care, Eye Care

1. Eye care

Soak a cotton ball with rose water, keep this cotton ball close by eyes and eyes, it will give coolness and comfort to the eyes.

It can also be used as a drop in the eyes. If your eyes are red or irritation in the eyes, then pour two or three drops of rose water in both eyes and keep the eyes closed for ten minutes. Eyes will be relieved with cold  as well as irritation.

It is also beneficial on the dark circles lying under the eyes. Soak a cotton ball with rose water. Massage this cotton ball with light hands on the dark circles. It cleans dead cells and opens the closed cavity of the eye under the eyes.

Combine sandalwood powder and rose water with swollen and tired eyes solution with rose water and apply it to the fingers with delicate fingers. Wash with lukewarm water after drying for ten minutes.

2. Skin care

Soak a cotton ball with rose water. Clean the whole face with this cotton ball.It works as a natural toner on the skin. It cleanses the dust and dirt in the skin and makes it clean. To get quality proof, repeat this procedure before going out in the morning and before sleeping in the evening.

Add rose water to the bath water daily. It maintains the natural brightness of the skin. The divine fragrance of the rose brings freshness and energy to the body.

The solution of skin problems like black spots, pimples, is easily possible with rose water. Cleansing the skin with rose water daily keeps the skin bright and clear.

3. Hair Care

It has a divine fragrance. Use a few drops of rose water in daily shampoo. The aroma of the hair will remain intact. It works as a conditioner in the hair which shines in them and keeps them silky. It also helps in the growth of hair. Massage a few drops of rose water daily on the head. Grinding methi seeds and mixing them in rose water can prevent dandruff. Make a paste and use it daily. Put the paste on the head for twenty to thirty minutes and wash it with lukewarm water. The water works on anti-fungal water on the head and avoids head problems. Instead of any other oil, use rose water as oil can be done.