How to look beautiful without makeup

How to look beautiful without makeup


You can take a shower well at the place where more powder and cream are put. Good if you take bath twice a day. By keeping clean you can make your look even better.

2.Wash the face twice

Wash your face twice a day with cold water. Along with this, wash the face thoroughly before going to the bed, clean the dirt with the  milk and then put the toner. This opens up Pores.

3. Use moisturizer

Put moisturizer on your body and face should be well moisturizer. It comes from the natural glow on the face. Drink plenty of water besides this.

4. Not to use perfume

Do not put perfume instead of ruining your money on perfume, you can take a good lotion, which smells good.

5. Have a nice haircut

Make a nice haircut to look beautiful, to have a hairstyle that fits your face. It may be that your long hair does not suit you as much as a short haircut suit.

6. Good Fashion Sense

You Get Self Confidence comes in the way of wearing your clothes. Try that before the exit,not to wear shrink and faded T shirt first. Along with season and opportunity, choose clothes according to it.

7. Selection of colours

If you think that the black cloth will suits on you as much as it fits on your friend, then you are wrong. Every person's style is different, so it is not necessary that the colours of the clothes that look good on them, they will look good on you too.

8. Shoes are also important

If you want to look good then pay special attention to your shoes. Shoes can either show off your look poorly or you're good. Put shoes for every opportunity you have.  If you have trouble wearing a shoe,sandals, you can not wear it at all, even if it looks good.

9. Smile

Always keep a smile on your face to look gorgeous. There is no cost at all.