15 tips for beautiful hair 

Who Does not Like Beautiful Hair. Every girl wants her hair to be beautiful long and dense, but it is necessary to take extra care. Even if you do not have to shine in the hair .To enhance the beauty of it, they should take care of their cleanliness and well being .New follicles are extremely dangerous for hairs. So you have to take care of them according to the style and appearance of your hair.To find a solution to your problem and give shines, we are telling you tips for hair care.

15 tips for beautiful hair

     Let's learn about hairs tips. 

(1) If you want shining and good growth of it,then you should take special care of certain things .You should be aware of its losses-advantages,such as before using anything on them.

(2) Do not use anything on it, especially hair colour. Yes, you can do this by taking the opinion of an expert or under the supervision of the Expert.

(3) Using any product on it and take special care of its quality. Always use good quality products.

(4) If you do not have good hair despite having good care, then you should take advice from a specialist and follow it.

(5) Avoid ironing and perming on your own at home, rather than an expert.

(6) Wash the scalps at least two to three times a week. Not only this, you must do massage at least once a week with a good oil.

(7) Use herbal oil once a week. It also relaxes you with stress with the help of massage.

(8) To keep healthy, keep cutting them from time to time and do not leave hair open at all times.Do not wash with hot water.

(9) Before using any product, keep in mind that the product is natural.Use only the water soluble products

(10) People who go to the gym, more hard-working, more dusty, sun-dwellers should wash their hair regularly. Those who work harder, in such a situation, excessive sweating gets dirts accumulated in it.

(11) Conditioner is also harmful for scalp. Instead of the conditioner, the choice of two teaspoon honey in half bucket water is better. Applying this water will show same effect,which is seen by the conditioner.

(12) If your hair is full of dandruff or a double face and sculpture is also scratched, then understand that it is unhealthy. For this, consult an expert, otherwise had to follow the home remedies.

(13) Keep using hair colour to keep in mind  that it is natural and avoid using ammonia based colour.

(14) To enhance the beauty of hair too, use curd, honey, lemon and multani clay.

(15) As well as taking care of it, keeping the amount of anti oxidant in the diet keeps the hair healthy.