13 Amazing Benefits of walnuts

Walnuts are one of the very simple  components used in our everyday life. There are two types of walnuts, a black and the second (garnish brown). Its begin to grow in heat and crops grow from September to October. In this season the nut itself falls from the trees itself.

It is very good in taste, so it is used in many types of food. They are not only useful in eating but also for health, beauty. This is a kind of dry fruit, it's a favorite of many people.

          How to choose good walnuts

Walnuts come in 3 different types - small, large and medium. Check out its shell completely. The shell which has a hole or crack in it should not be used. If you use a shell by checking, then it will get crispy and bloated from inside. When buying a nut from the market, it should be checked to check if its color is brown or not, by hand, its weight should be checked. In this way the nut should be properly selected and used.

           How to store walnuts

   It should be stored in an air-free container in a dry and cool place so that the sun's rays can not fall in it. They do not get worse for 3 months, but they can keep it in fridge for up to 6 months. If you use it after a year, then it may be a bad one. It have the ability to absorb the food of the second food, which makes it poor. Therefore, it should be kept away from onions, cabbage and fish. It can be stored in this process.

13 Amazing Benefits of walnuts

         Here, benefits of walnuts

It's used for Health And beautiful Skin, healthy Hair etc. 

There is a lot of benefits for health, it is used to avoid many diseases.

(1)  For the heart

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in large amounts in walnuts, which is very beneficial for cardiovascular system. This omega-3 fatty acid reduces bad cholesterol in the body and promotes good cholesterol production. Therefore it is beneficial for the body.

(2)  For immunity

It contain very high amount of antioxidants which make the immune system healthy and prevent diseases from beginning . Adding to your diet every day is beneficial to stay healthy.

(3) To keep the brain healthy

The omega-3 fatty acid found in this is also very beneficial for the brain, it helps the nervous system to move smoothly. This also increases memory.

(4) For breast cancer

The American Institute did many research for cancer and in 2009 released this research that eating walnuts every day helps in reducing the risk of breast cancer.

(5) For Inflammatory Diseases

 Fatty acids found in it are very beneficial   in inflammatory diseases such as asthma, arthritis, and itching.

(6) To keep bones healthy

A very important fatty acid is found in it, which is called alpha-linolenic acid. This acid makes the bones strong and healthy. Omega-3 fatty acids found in it, also helps in keeping bones strong for many periods, along with inflammatory diseases.

(7) For good sleep and stress

       It has melatonin which is very good for sleeping. Also, the acid found in it removes tension by handling the bloodstream.

(8) For pregnancy

     It contain Vitamin B-complex group such as thiamine, riboflavin, folate etc. which are very important for pregnant women.

(9) For constipation and digestive system
         It contain fiber that drives digestion  smoothly . Eating nut is also beneficial in the intestine. Common sources of protein include meats, everyday products etc. have fiber in small quantities.

(10) To prevent diabetes

It also helps to control the glucose in the body. It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids which is useful in composing insulin in the liver. It has minerals and fiber which are necessary for reducing glucose levels.

(11) For internal cleaning

Walnuts is an internal vacuum cleaner that cleans inside. This helps the digestive system to work well.

(12) Weight loss

In this, there are some elements that are helpful in weight loss, so it is a good ingredient for weight loss.

(13) For fungal infections

It is not very good for fungus, fungal infections have an effect in both digestive power and skin. Black walnuts are very effective against the result of the fungus but the second treatment is also needed.

Walnuts for healthy and beautiful skin:-

This is very good for healthy and beautiful skin. This is essential for the skin in the following way.

(1) To prevent ageing of the skin

This is very good for the skin as it contains vitamin B. It is helpful in removing the stress which does not cause wrinkles in the skin. Vitamin E and antioxidant are found in the nut which is beneficial for the prevention of ageing of the skin.

(2) For moisture in the skin

Walnuts oil should be apply daily in dry skin, it provides moisture to the skin and the skin remains healthy.

(3) For the dark circles of eyes

Let's massage the eyes daily with this oil, it can make the eyes feel stress free and also the dark circles of eyes can be cleared.

For the skin whitening (Walnuts face pack):-

To make skin white Mix 4 walnuts, 2 spoons oats, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 spoon sour cream and 4 drops of olive oil together in a skin, and apply this mixture to the skin. After some time wash with hot water. The color of the skin will improve.

It also protect skin from infection, so it is beneficial.

  Walnuts for Healthy Hair:-

Walnuts are also auxiliary component for hair, it has the following types of benefits.

(1) For long and strong hair

Elements found in it such as potassium, omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 are fatty acids that help in strengthening hair. It oil can make hair tall, strong, healthy and tender.

(2) To stop baldness

Applying walnuts oil to the hair can be avoided by the problem of baldness.

(3) For dandruff

The problem of dandruff in hair is due to the dry hair. The hair is moistened with walnuts oil, so that the hair is not dry. With this, the problem of dandruff can be avoided.

In this way, walnuts is a very good product for hair and there are many other advantages.