Benefits of surya namaskar

Surya Namaskar means offering Arpan or Namaskar to Sun. Your body and mind are both healthy at the beginning of the day with Surya Namaskar. While doing this, due to the direct effect of sun rays on the body, many of your diseases are also removed. Apart from this, the best of all Yoga is called Surya Namaskar, the body gets the proper amount of Vitamin D, so that you can remove the problem of mental stress and obesity. After 5-10 minutes of sun salutation, you will not even need to do any exercise. So let us know that by doing everyday, you can stay healthy by removing all the diseases.

Benefits of surya namaskar

Surya Namaskar:

1.    First of all, stand up and joint heel and leave claw open .After this, keep the thighs straight and make the posture of greetings. Now keep the elbow with the body, skew the palms and keep thumb below the  heart and Concentrate between the eyebrows by doing diaphragm.

2.   Straighten your both hands up and fill with breathe. Straighten your arms toward the palms. After this, take hands with the ears and move the hands behind the neck. Wait a while for this situation.

3. Bringing the hand back and bend forward, leaving breathe. Moving the hands right and left and straightening the knee and touch the ground with hand. Keep your head touch with knees and focus on the navel.

4.  Straighten the body with a little bit of breath and keep hand straight, bring back towards neck. Now join the claws and make the knee upwards. After this, bowing down the waist to the sun salute.

5.  Leaning the body towards the back and putting the ankles to the ground. After this, keep the waist part upward and tilt the head down and stay in this position as late as possible. Now come back to normal.

Benefits of Surya Namaskar:

1. High blood pressure and obesity

By performing this, the process of blood flow to your body is intensified, which also reduces obesity and rapidly controls high blood pressure.

2. Communication of Energy

Carbon dioxide emissions increase in the body by giving 10-15 minutes daily sun salutation. This gives energy to your body, which protects you from diseases.

3. Strong Bones

By doing this yoga everyday, your muscles and bones are also strong.

4. Amount of water in the body

The amount of water in your body is balanced after 5-10 minutes regularly performing the Surya Namaskar. Apart from this, the unnecessary elements of the body also get out.

5. Hunger

By doing this yoga you get rid of the problem of hunger. Apart from this, memory power also increases.

6. Beneficial for skin

By performing this, the body gets vitamin D in adequate amounts, which makes the skin glow and unblemished. Apart from this, hair is also healthy and strong.

7. Better Digestive System

During Surya Namaskar, the stretching of the organs inside the body occurs due to which the digestive system is well maintained. In the morning, doing surya namaskar in empty stomach helps, the problem of constipation, indigestion or burning in the stomach is removed.

8. Stress

Nervous system is cooled down by doing this. Apart from this, the action of endocrine glands, especially thyroid glands, is normal by the sun salutation. This removes the problem of your mental stress.

9. Menstrual cycle Regular

On the problem of irregular menstrual cycle, women should do Surya Namaskar daily. This makes your menstrual cycle more regular.

10. Detox the body

During surya namaskar, you breathe in and out, causing the air to reach your lungs and oxygen to the blood. This gives carbon dioxide and other poisonous gas out of your body and becomes your body detox.

Keep in mind that Surya Namaskar should be done at reasonable time and slow. In one condition only after the normalization of breath, start the second position. Do not do on a soft, more padded matt or bed. This can force your spinal cord. In addition patients of slip disks and high blood pressure should not do this.