Sweet lime: benefits for good health 

Sweet lime is a beneficial fruit. It is the fruit of lemon species but is more beneficial than lemon. In india, it is also known as mosambi, musambi or Mousambi. It is also called 'sweet lemon' or sweet lime, which is of orange size! It is more sour then orange juice therefore people drink it with a spice masala or black salt together.The sweet lime juice is cool and it is very good for the Mind and Nervous system. It removes mental fatigue and fixes the mood.

Sweet lime benefits


          Here, benefits of sweet lime

1. Prevention of dehydration

Sweet lime (musambi)  juice contains abundant water, carbohydrate, vitamin C and mineral. By drinking it, there is no shortage of fluid in your body and the  chances of dehydration is also reduced. In summer, drink sweet lime juice to avoid sunlight. It reduce dehydration and completes the shortcomings of ultralight, minerals in the body.

2. Helps increase immunity

Vitamin C is quite high in sweet lime and enhances vitamin C immunity so that you can stay away from the common cold and flu.Due to diseases, it is advisable to drink sweet lime juices, because it is rich in antioxidant content which strengthens immune system, gives the body the strength to fight infections

3. Prevents Arthritis

Vitamin C and folic acid are good for the joint and bone health. Vitamin C prevents inflammation of joint and muscles, which prevents you from osteoarthritis (OA) , rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and gout or arthritis.

4. Also helpful in reducing weight

Often people prefer to drink sweet lime (mosambi)  juice after exercising because it is low in calories and is rich with vitamin C, which reduces fat!.  one  glass of sweet lime juice have 86 calories, which  is very low. Therefore Players and physical workers must drink this juice . This will prevent the muscle stiffness too.

5. Extremely beneficial in jaundice

In jaundice, the production of bile juice becomes less by liver, which makes it very difficult to digest food. In such a case this juice is very beneficial because there is nothing more to digest and cool the liver.That's why the doctor always asks to drink the juice of a sweet lime when someone has jaundice. Therefore jaundice patients should drink this juice because it help to reduces the symptoms of jaundice, improves the functioning of the liver.

6. Beneficial for cracked lip and tooth gums

In 100 gm sweet lime juice, 50 mg vitamin C is found, which is very useful for the tooth gums, skin etc. Lack of vitamin C deficiency, causes  bleeding out of the tooth gums, cracked lips and bad skin .

7. Enhances digestion power

It increases the secretions  of the salivary gland from its unique test, which increases the digestion of food from the mouth itself  . Flavonoid chemical found in this fruit increases bile juice secretions. Potassium reduces the chances of getting diarrhea. sweet lime juice improves digestive tract and keeps constipation away. It  juice also cures stomach ulcers. Flavonoid, called Limonin Glucoside , which is found in it, is effective in curing both the stomach and mouth ulcers.

8. Beneficial for peptic ulcer

This disease is very painful, it is also in the stomach, intestine and Esophagus . Gastric gland found on the exterior wall of the stomach by eating more spicy food creates more acid, which leads to gastric and later peptic ulcer!. This fruit has the power to reduce acid, so it is a very useful fruit for peptic ulcer.

9. Reduces the chances of happening cancer

Scientists believe that Limonene Chemical has the power to fight cancer.

10. Also beneficial for skin and hair

It is common in today's day to have hairfall, drying of the skins. Vitamin C protects the skin from breaking the cells, which prevents hair loss or skin damage.  Dandruff  is formed only by the breakdown of the cell. Drinking sweet lime juice contain vitamins and mineral elements in which it help to strengthen hair, hair growth, and keep hair shiny . Sweet lime juice cleans blood, which reduces facial skin scars, wrinkles, pimples, and aging effects.