Home remedies to get rid of dark circles

The dark circles falling beneath the eyes can damage your beauty . This problem may be because of many factors, such as loss of nutrients within the body, loss of sleep, mental stress, or too much working on the computer for a long time. Because of those dark circles, your beauty is reduced, at the same time as the person is worn-out and the age is likewise seen. Let's learn about the home treatments for disposing of the dark circle.

Home remedies for dark circles

         How to avoid the dark circles


Mix tomato juice, lemon juice, pinch of gram flour and turmeric. Placed this paste around your eyes and wash the face after 20 minutes. Be sure to try this three times a week. This may reduce the dark circle step by step.

2. Potato

This is a very powerful recipe. Clean the face earlier than snoozing in the night. After this, cut potato skinny slices and maintain them on the eyes for 20 to 25 mins. After this, clean the face thoroughly.


With the assist of rose water, you may get rid of the dark circle hassle. Keep the soaked cotton wool within the rose water on the closed eyes. Try this remedy for 10 minutes. Doing so will make the skin across the eyes shine.

4. Almond oil

Almond oil could be very beneficial to get rid of dark circles. Placed almond oil across the eyes and leave it for a couple of minutes. Then gently rubdown the palms for 10 mins. After this, clean the face.

5. Tea water

Boil the tea leaves with water after which keep it for cooling. After this, soak the cotton wool in it and apply across the eyes. After a while, clean the face with water. Via doing this often, the dark circles of the face will swiftly decrease.

6. Tea bag

Cold tea bag also can be used to eliminate dark circles . The elements present within the tea bags tannins facilitates to reduce puffiness, black skin around eyes and also you put off the dark circles.

7. Honey and almond oil

Mix almond oil and honey very well across the eyes earlier than sound asleep and preserve it all night time. Wake up in the morning and wash the face with everyday water. The dark circle could be conquer within a few days by way of trying this recipe day by day.

8. Peppermint

Grind the leaves of peppermint and apply it around the eyes. Go away this paste for a while after which wash the eyes with water. This will help you get rid of the dark circle.

9. Orange juice and glycerine

Orange juice is rich in vitamins c, which is taken into consideration useful for pores and skin. Blend some drops of glycerine in orange juice and apply this paste at the eyes and surrounding vicinity every day. This is an powerful way to do away with the dark circle.

10. Olive oil

Olive oil may be very useful in lots of issues associated with beauty. With this, massage with mild hands around the eyes, it improves blood circulate and decreases the fatigue of the eyes, removing the problem of dark circles.