Home remedies for blackheads

Many times it happens that you take special care of your skin, still the problem of black head is created. The black heads on the face can not only spoil your beauty but can also be harmful to the skin. In this case, you need to take special care of the skin. The problems of black heads are usually due to lack of dust, hygiene, stress, lack of sleep and lack of nutrition.

To overcome the problem of black heads it is very important to know that they never make the mistake of not pressing them down. This causes scars on the skin that go from the big trouble. Not only blackheads but also whiteheads and pimples should never be removed. After this, it is also very difficult to remove these marks. In this case, with the help of some home remedies, you can get rid of this problem.

Home remedies for blackheads

                    Home Remedies

1. Heat the honey lightly and apply it on the skin of blackheads for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash them with water.

2. Mix three spoons baking soda in three spoonful water and leave it on the skin for a few minutes. Then clean it with light warm water.

3. Put lemon juice on blackhead skin three times a day, blackheads are cleansed.

4. Mix oats and rose water and make a mask and apply them on face. After 15 minutes, clean it with water.

5.  Do Light massage over  blackhead skin with slices of raw potato. With this, blackheads are removed and the skin remains clean.

6. Make a paste by grinding the grapes well and place it on top of black heads and let dry for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash the face with  water.

7. Put white liquid portion of egg on black heads and after a while they dry, then clean the face with gram flour.

8. Do not forget to clean your face before sleeping at night. This will not cause acne and black head on the skin.

9. To get rid of black heads, add some drops of lemon juice to cucumber juice and apply for 15 minutes on face and then wash the face with cold water.

10. Make a paste of coriander leaves and now add some turmeric powder in this paste and make a paste and apply it on the blackheads. Doing this will remove the blackheads from root.

11. Use the face scrub on the face once a week. Scrubbing the face cleans the dust on the skin. And black heads are also cleansed from the skin.

12. To remove the blackhead from the face, you can use mashed banana or rubbing the banana peel on the face.

13. To eliminate black heads, mix the salt with lemon juice and apply it on the blackhead for 5 to 10 minutes. Then wash the face with cold water.

14. Rubbing tomato pulp on black heads is of great benefit.

15. Apply mash  of papaya pulp  and place it in blackhead place. Wash after a while with clean water.