How important is body stretching, what are the benefits and when?

Stretching important and its benefits

Health Desk- Muscular tissues are becoming hardened due to the busy life and glitch lifestyle, which has a high risk of injury. In such a situation, the role of the most common exercise stretching becomes very important. It is also an essential part of fitness. According to fitness point of view , What is the right way of stretching and what are the benefits?

* Why is stretching essential and how does it benefit?

           Stretching increases flexibility and makes joints capable of complete rotation. Stretching is very important to increase the body's flexibility and speed and prevent injury. Adding stretching to routine is as important as regular workouts. Stretch even if you go to the gym regularly, this will give you muscle relaxance. There are also some rules of stretching like  other exercises.

* When and how should stretching?

          You can stretch your muscles anytime throughout the day. Just check that you should get some space to spread your hands and feet completely. When you wake up or you can stretch out before going to sleep or even in the breaks available during work. Yoga or Surya Namaskar is also a good stretching, which involves a whole series of extremely simple but simultaneous movements. It has a very balanced way of stretching and can give a good start to the workout. Before the workout, you can also include some warm movements with stretching. Stretching after heavy training, such as weight training or running, muscles get relief.

* What are its advantages?

                      Stretching can maintain and speed up body parts without much effort. According to American College of Sports Medicine, at least all muscles  should be stretched. Give twice a week and 1 minute each  for every exercises. Muscles below the hip and knee will also remain flexible due to stretching. Bad Posture problems also get refined. Stretch the bottom of the lower back muscles, chest and shoulders and keep your spine straight and can also improve your posture by getting rid of pain. Stretching, especially the extended session, is done in a slow and focus manner, as is done in yoga or Tai Chi, it provides relief and stress is also less. Stretching Exercise has better power to relieve stress. Stretching after a walk can give mind and body a jump start.From Stretching, tight muscles become loose and blood circulation increases. It also increases the secretion of endorphin hormones, which bring peace and  happy. If you do stretching before sleeping, then good sleep will come.

* What are the things to keep in mind?

                Can get a wrong move or more      stretch trouble. Avoid stretching more strength or any stretch until pain occurs. Static stretching is the safest way of stretching, in which the muscles stretch to that extent until it feels uncomfortable, but pain should not begin. To warm up your body before stretching , strolling with sharp steps, jogging at your place, 5 to 10 minutes of cycling is better. This will increase heart rate and blood pressure as well as increase the temperature of the muscles, ligaments and nerves. Avoid pushing during the stretching and also stretching opposite muscles.

* What are the easy ways of stretching? 

             Stand legs in the width equal to the shoulders and then turn the knees slightly. Bend towards the front and place the hands on the knees. Hang the fingers together and spread the palm outwards. Push hands as much as you can. Tilt the back and the shoulders forward . stop,  like this for 10 seconds. Open the fingers and move the wrist towards the back and join each other. Raise the arms as high as possible without leaving the hand  behind the back so that the chest opens and the shoulders roll towards the back.