Health benefits of lemon

Regular consumption of lemon is extremely beneficial in terms of health. Vitamin C-rich lemon also increases the immunity of the body and acts as anti-oxidant. Lemon is a fruit whose fragrance begins to feel fresh with sparkling fragrance. Lemon is curable in any form, even if you use it for health or for beauty. So let's recognize what are the benefits of lemon.

Dieticians, say that compared to any other fruit, lemon contains the highest amount of Vitamin C. It works like anti-oxidants and also reduces cholesterol. Witness said that vitamin C and potassium present in lemon are soluble, which is why it is not too harmful for its consumption in excess quantity. Patients suffering from Anemia also benefit from eating lemon juice. Not only this, people who consume lemon are also away from cold.

Health Benefit of lemon

Here, advantages and uses of lemon 

1. Drinking lemon juice with pure honey removes obesity.

2. Due to lemon intake, it allows to eliminate dry diseases.

3. Taking lemon juice and honey one by one helps to get relief in asthma.

4. Grind lemon peel and apply it on the forehead to cured migraine.

5- Sprinkle black pepper in lemon and take a little bit of heat to get relief in malaria fever.

6- Mixing salt in lemon juice, while bathing the colour of the skin fades and beauty increases.

7. It additionally helps to remove dandruff and hair problems.

8- The grinding of lemon seeds, eliminating baldness.

9. At the time of dizziness or vomiting, after putting black salt, black pepper on the lemon piece, the dizziness stops coming and the vomiting is also stop.

10. To remove lack of blood, Squeeze the lemon into half cup carrot juice and drink it.

11. Mix two drops of lemon into two spoons of almond oil and apply on wound several times a day with the help of cotton, the wound will be cured very soon.

12. Take a teaspoon lemon juice and a teaspoon olive oil before breakfast daily to get rid of the stone.

13. It also increases immunity of body and acts as anti-oxidant.

14. Drinking a lemon in a glass of hot water, help to keep digestive system properly.

15. The lemon also shows tremendous effects in acute stress, coughing, constipation and pain.

16. Experts say lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamins, B, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Protein and Carbohydrate.

17. Experts say that if gums are bleeding, gum becomes healthy by applying lemon juice to the affected area.

18. Mixing lemon juice with water will make the throat open.

19. Mixing lemon juice with water is also protected from skin diseases, so the skin keeps on shining, pimple, acne also removes it and also prevents wrinkles.

20. Lemon juice keeps blood pressure balanced.

21. If the amount of Vitamin C in the body is reduced, then there may be problems like anemia, joint pain, toothache, pyria, cough and asthma. Vitamin C is very high in lemon. Therefore, it helps you to keep away from these diseases.

22. Stomach upset, bloating ,constipation, diarrhea, mixing a lemon juice with cumin seeds, asafoetida, black pepper and salt will give you great relief.

23. Even if there is a feeling of tiredness in the summer during fever or pain in the back and arms, even then you have a lemon remedy. You can add ten drops of basil leaves, four black pepper and two long pepper powders in a teaspoon lemon juice. Take it twice a day as doses.

24. Acne on a face is a common problem. To remove this, apply mixture of sandalwood powder with lemon juice.

25. Sometimes the body feels very tired after travel long distances. In such a manner, after squeezing two lemons in a glass of water, soak 50 grams of raisins in it. Take, this water after damping overnight. Drink this water four times a day. From, this Energy will get and the body's fitness will also be maintained.

26. Sleep does not come many times due to excess fatigue and unrest. If you are also struggling with this problem, then follow Lemon Remedy. Massage the mustard oil behind hands, feet, forehead, and the ear before sleeping at night. After this, take  cloves and lemon juice. Then lick it slowly with finger. Doing this will make you sleep very soon.

27. Now every second person is troubled by obesity. To get rid of this, take radish juice by adding lemon juice and little salt in it. Obesity will be far away.

28. If memory has become weak, then add dry ginger powder and sugar candy in lemon juice. Then lick it slowly with the finger.

29. Use  yellow lemon as far as possible. It can also mix with two pinches rock salt or black salt.

30. Everyone wants to look beautiful If you have the same desire, prepare a lotion with a spoonful of gram flour, half a spoonful of wheat flour, half a spoonful of rose water and half a teaspoon lemon juice. Slowly rub it on the face. In a few days your face will shine.