What to eat to reduce the waist fat?

Healthy tips to lessen waist fat

* Homemade Parathas instead of biscuits

Biscuits contain plenty of sugar and flour. But there is wheat flour in Paratha which is filled with iron and fiber, so eating homemade paratha is good option.

* Milk instead of fruit juice

99 percent of your body lives in calcium bones and teeth. Calcium strengthens the bones, so drinking milk is the best option.

* Roti-vegetable instead of fried food

Eating stomach is filled with fried foods but it contains fat and calories. There is plenty of nutrition in the roti- vegetable and it also fills the stomach with food.

* Idli Sambar instead of Vada Pav

Vada Pav contains a lot of flour, butter and oil. Idli has a lot of energy and lots of pulses in the Sambar, which is a good source of protein.

* Vegetable soup instead of cream soup

Soup recipes should drink with mixed veg without mixing cream in it . Use fresh tomatoes in it.

* Eat Brown Rice instead of White Rice

1 cup baked brown rice contains 4 grams of fiber. But 1 cup baked white rice contains only 1 gram fiber.

* Eat wheat  Pasta instead of White Pasta

High fiber and nutrition is high in wheat pasta. White is only flour,  in white pasta.

* Dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate

Dark chocolate contains less sugar than milk chocolate. With this dark chocolate taste remains in the mouth for a long time.so eating  dark chocolate is best option.