Know  Benefits of LadyFinger for health 

Benefits of ladyfinger for health

(1)  Cancer - You can take away the cancer by adding the ladyfinger  on your plate. The lady's finger is particularly beneficial to remove colon cancer. It helps to remove the toxic elements present in the intestines, causing intestines to remain healthy and work better.

(2) keep heart healthy -  Coronary heart holds your heart healthy too. Pectin contained in it helps reduce cholesterol, as well as the soluble fiber found in it, which regulates cholesterol in the blood, thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases.

(3) Diabetes - Eugenol found in it proves to be very beneficial for diabetes. It prevents sugar levels from growing in the body, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.

(4) Anemia - Ladyfinger  is also beneficial in anemia. Iron is available in the production of hemoglobin, and vitamins work to prevent bleeding.

(5) Digestive system -Ladyfinger  is rich in fiber. The  fiber present in it is highly beneficial for the digestive system. It does not have problems like flatulence, constipation, pain and gas etc.

(6) Strengthens bones - The leeky substances found in the beans are useful for our bones. Vitamin K found in this is helpful in strengthening the bones.

(7) Immune System - With Vitamin-C present in ladyfinger , it is full of antioxidants. Due to this, it helps strengthen the immune system and helps the body to fight diseases. Inclusion in this food does not have many diseases like cough and cold.

(8) Benefits-The  ladyfinger helps reduce your weight as well as keep your skin young. It is also used to make the hair beautiful, thick and shiny.

Careful - Oxalate  is found in excessive amounts in it , which increases the risk of stone or stone in kidney and bile, and strengthens the already existing stone by strengthening it. Apart from this, it can  increase cholesterol levels by frying it too.