Benefits of eating banana for health 

        Banana, banana for health

There are many nutritious ingredients inside the banana such as thymine, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin B are very essential nutrients. It is the energy that gives energy to the body immediately, which helps in making your health without any side effects. And its peel has many benefits, it helps you to make healthy and smooth.

The best advantage in eating is that there is glucose, sucrose and fructose in banana that gives you instant energy, so if you eat 5 banana daily, you get so much energy that you can eat without food and live for a whole day . Tryptophan amino acids present in it is a hormone in your body that produces serotonin , which causes the mood to cure and also reduce the stress. It strengthens your bone, so eat every day, it contains special probiotic bacteria, which has the effect of absorbing calcium and strengthening bones.

Potassium is very high in it which keeps your blood circulation properly, which keeps blood pressure in good shape. And there is no problem with blood pressure in the body. It accelerates your memory and brain because it contains very good amount of potassium and vitamin B6 which strengthens our nervous system and because of the strong nervous system, our brain works smoothly. Regarding an interesting information banana, it cultivation has been going on since about 8000 BC, it is believed that Papua New Guinea is probably the birthplace of banana in Africa.

It is a very good source of potassium and people who consume potassium containing food in their diet do not have the risk of stroke blood pressure and heart related illnesses. Not only does it increase your weight or decrease it. If you mix it with two banana milk a day, you can make one by making a shake and drinking it, your weight grows well in 10 to 15 days but the banana item. You can lose weight because it have less fat and there is a lot of fiber and vitamins and it contain a special type of dietary fiber which absorbs water well so that your stomach becomes empty And your weight gets reduced.

It also helps to increase your eyesight because it contains vitamin A and that eliminates night blindness, according to the eye specialist, if you eat 3 to 5 banana per day, your eyesight with your aging the problem of decreasing is eliminated as it prevents macular disorders in the eyes that create night blindness in the eyes so that you have to do every day it is sweet, digestive, stimulant, hunger and thirst are calm. And it contains probiotic bacteria which also cures your digestion, the problem of diarrhea is solved. The pasteine ​​element found in it keeps disturbances in constipation, diarrhea and stomach.

People with anemia have anemia due to lack of iron in the body and it contain plenty of nutrients in which iron is also present which removes the problem of anemia and the headache caused by anemia. Slowly fatigue, shortness of breath and rapid throbbing of beats overcome many diseases and problems. With the consume of banana it control blood sugar level, it has an iron element found in the blood easily, which people eat banana, hemoglobin is controlled in their blood, so patients of anemia should eat banana.

It is very useful for pregnant women if the problem of morning sickness is happening to the pregnant woman, then it will get rid of the banana because the ingredients in the banana control the level of blood glucose, which does not cause jaundice and vomiting.  That is why the pregnant woman should wake up in the morning and worship every day and at least 1 kg must be eaten. The best advantage in eating banana is helps in the development of infants present in it.Apart from those who have suffered from insomnia due to depression, they should eat a banana before eating it, for this reason, because the typotype proteins present in the banana are converted into body serotonin , which helps in sleep, which relaxes the mind.

The best advantage of eating it is that not only banana but also its peels also have many advantages, if you are itching on mosquito bites, it will also reduce itching by rubbing the peel at that place. And the mosquito sting virus also decreases that there is a tyrosine that is an amino acid and it associated with depression, if you rub the  peel on your face then this Areas are in your face dead skin cells and acne disappear.